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" Act 1st has really helped both myself, and the sports team i work with to have a better understanding of health and safety, which enables us to compete in a safe environment, and be able to act quickly towards injuries. I cannot thank them enough, the course was brilliant, and the tutors were extremely helpful "

- Jane, 39 - Caerphilly

Act 1st offers a comprehensive selection of health & safety training courses ranging from 2-12 hour durations.

We are passionate about First Aid courses and believe that the greatest skill anyone can ever be taught is that which enables them to save another persons life.

All our courses are of a highly practical nature and offer students the opportunity for plenty of hands on practice.

Whilst we teach best current practice and follow the guidelines laid down by organisations such as the Resucscitation Council we also bring health & safety into the real world.

If you are unsure of the requirements relating to the training of staff in any of our health & safety courses or the current legislative requirements at work please contact us. We will happily point you in the right direction.

For those considering a course, allow us to answer some of the most commonly asked questions:

"Do i have to do a lot of writing?" - No, you work in groups and take it in turns to write if you don't want to.

"Am i expected to do mouth to mouth on a real person?" - No we use dummies for practice

"Can i get an infection from doing mouth to mouth?" - All participants are given a face shield to prevent infections

"Is there an exam at the end of the course?" - No, there are tests, but these are taken as a group

"Are the courses groups of men and women?" - Courses can be made a single or mixed gender
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